New Computer Warranty Assistance

new computer warranty assistance

Only valid on new Dell computers (desktop or laptop) purchased from Mike’s Computer Repair

Mike’s Computer Repair – New Computer Warranty Assistance: If you suspect a hardware fault in a Dell computer you have purchased from us, bring your computer into our shop. We will check for valid Dell limited hardware warranty status, then perform a free hardware diagnostic test. If it fails the hardware test, our service technician will call Dell on your behalf and assist you with your Dell limited hardware warranty claim. This warranty assistance is limited to the original purchaser only, and is only valid during the terms of the Dell limited hardware warranty (usually 1 year). All terms, conditions, procedures, and limitations of the Dell limited hardware warranty apply. If we/or Dell determine that the problem is not covered under the Dell limited hardware warranty, we may be able to offer you service alternatives on a fee basis. If there are other services the customer needs before/during/after the warranty repair such as set-up, software, software or operating system re-installation, data backup, data recovery, data transfer, program configurations, etc, this can be provided by Mike’s Computer Repair at the customer’s expense.

You can check your Dell warranty terms online at
You can check your Dell warranty status online at
Use the service tag number on your computer to inquire about the Dell warranty coverage

Adware, viruses, performance, set-up, software, software or operating system re-installation, data loss, data recovery, software loss, damage, liquid spills, are NOT covered by the Dell limited warranty or the New computer warranty assistance.

Mike’s Computer Repair does not provide any warranty for virus/adware infections, operating system crashes, or software. Parts used for repairs, or any equipment sold to you, will be subject to a manufacturer’s warranty only. All sales are final, no refunds.

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