RV Park Wi-Fi Installation


Let Mike’s Computer Repair install and setup your RV Park wireless network.

RV Park Wireless Network Consulting and System Design
Is it time to replace your wireless network? Let us design your system with the features and performance you need. Features to consider: Guest portal agree to terms at login. RV Park greeting and logo on sign in screen. Redirect to RV Park web site after connecting. On-site management features, remote firmware upgrades and central configuration. Different SSID for guests and staff. Limit guest download speed to increase number of simultaneous users. Firewall filter out unwanted traffic like P2P File sharing that can cause the hotel owner to receive copyright infringement notices because of illegal music downloads. Dual Internet connection for fail-over redundancy. Load balance two Internet connections for increased capacity. Wireless isolation to prevent user to user hacking, this makes your network more secure. Secure your internet with a password to prevent non-guest usage outside your property.


Wireless Site Survey
The site survey can determine access point placement and even show low signal areas that need attention. We use test equipment to diagnose your wireless network performance. We can measure the signal quality and generate a signal heatmap of the actual signal quality on a site plan image map. Contact Mike’s Computer Repair for a Wireless Site Survey.


Wireless Network Installation
Install or replace Internet modem, router, firewall, network switch, POE switch, wireless indoor access points, wireless outdoor access points, battery backup, guests portal, site survey, AP density test, signal heatmap, central controller setup and management, system programming and testing.

RV Park Wi-Fi Repair
Is your wireless under performing? Do you get complaints from guests? Here are some possible causes: failed components, outdated firmware, outdoor weather corrosion, lightning or power surge damage, slow Internet connection, dead spots with poor signal, overloaded outdated system, etc. Contact Mike’s Computer Repair for a service call.

Good Wi-Fi is Important to Your Guests
RV Park guests expect functional wireless Internet. If the Internet does not work, the guest may never come back. Wireless equipment older than 5 years is most likely already outdated. Access point placement and density is key to providing strong signals and properly serving the number of guests and their devices. Guests are bringing more devices than ever before; phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, etc. Does your network have the capacity to adequately serve your guests and all their devices? Let Mike fix it today.

Contact Mike’s Computer Repair for RV Park Wireless Network Consulting, System Design, Site Survey, Installation, or Repair.

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