Hard Drive Failure is Common

Posted by on Dec 29, 2009 in Hardware

Hard Drive Failure is Common

It could happen like this: You turn on your computer and you see “A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart”. You try to restart it and you just get the same error. This may indicate your hard drive has suddenly failed. The message can vary but the result is the same, your computer will not boot.

The hard drive is the heart of your computer, it holds every program and file in your computer. Hard drives have spinning platters and a read head similar to how a record player has a record with its arm and a needle. These moving parts are very delicate and when something goes wrong, your data can be lost in an instant.

Do not use system restore disks. Reinstalling Windows does NOT fix this. Do not try to fix it yourself because you have a higher risk of losing your precious photos, documents, and music.

If your computer is having any of these symptoms, take it to a computer professional and have them straighten it out. A proper diagnosis is required. The cause may be other than a failed hard drive. If your drive has failed I can replace it and have your computer running again. Repairing computers is my specialty. My normal service area is Long Beach Peninsula, Naselle (Washington), Astoria, Warrenton and Seaside (Oregon). Contact Mike for an appointment.