The End of Windows Live Mail: Why you should switch to Gmail.

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016 in Email

The End of Windows Live Mail: Why you should switch to Gmail.

Microsoft has decided to end their popular email service, Windows Live Mail. Windows Live was
originally created to replace Outlook Express as part of the Windows Essentials suite, which included such programs as Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Live Writer. While Windows Live Mail was still available to download, Microsoft stopped releasing updates around 2012, and will discontinue support by January 2017. Windows Live Mail will be replaced by an updated version of Outlook that no longer supports Live Mail. Users are encouraged to switch to the new and improved Outlook, which comes with a yearly subscription fee, or to the simple Windows mail app. However, we recommend that you switch to Gmail, which is Google’s free web-based email service. Here’s why:

  1. It’s Secure. Google takes its security very seriously, and takes steps to keep your information safe. If you forget your password, Google offers a way to retrieve it through your phone or other email account in order to verify that it’s you.
  2. It’s Simple to Use and Customize. Gmail offers a variety of ways to customize your account, including filters, folders, and flags to organize emails. You can also sort your emails into tabs for promotions, social media, personal emails, and more.
  3. It’s Web based. Unlike Windows Live and Outlook, Gmail is web based. This means that instead of having a program taking up space on your hard drive, your emails are stored on Google’s server. Gmail is still available offline. Any messages you write offline will be sent the next time you connect to the internet. There is also a mobile app available for your phone or tablet, and your Gmail account will give you access to some of Google’s best programs: Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendars, and more.
  4. You Can Receive Emails from Multiple Accounts. If you have multiple Gmail accounts (for work, home, etc.) then you can link them all to one account rather than having to login to multiple accounts to send and receive emails. You can also have your mail forwarded from a non-Gmail account (like Windows Live!).
  5. Best of all: It’s free!

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Mike’s Computer Repair for information on what Gmail is and how to make the switch. Mike’s expert technicians can help you setup your Gmail account, and show you how to use the wide array of features available.

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