Secure Your Home with SimpliSafe and Mike’s Computer Repair

Posted by on Feb 23, 2017 in Announcements

Secure Your Home with SimpliSafe and Mike’s Computer Repair

Though we would all like to believe that we live in an idyllic world, let’s face it: crime happens. Gone are the days when you could safely leave your doors unlocked and all the windows wide open, but there are still ways to feel safe. One option is to go out an buy a guard dog, but an easier option is protecting your home with a good security system. A good home security system will not only be your first defense against burglars, but can have other benefits. For example, some insurance companies offer discounts on insurance when there is a security system in place. There are many systems choose from, and not all will provide quality service. You may end up spending hundreds of dollars on a system, only to have it easily disabled by a crafty thief. With SimpliSafe, that will never happen.

Most security systems rely on a wired system that require a contractor to poke holes in your walls and run wires through your home. A smart burglar knows he only has to cut the phone line to disable the system. But with SimpliSafe, there are no wires. Each sensor is independent, and sticks to the wall without screws. Here are some other features of SimpliSafe:

  • No annual contract or hidden fees.
  • Wireless means that even if the power goes out, you’re still protected. Each sensor has its own power source.
  • SimpliSafe has a mobile app that puts the control in the palm of your hand. You can monitor your home while at work or on vacation.
  • You can give each person a personalized PIN number, so you know who is in your house at all times.
  • Moving to a bigger house? No problem! You can always add more sensors later.
  • SimpliSafe offers smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and flood sensors in additional to the home security sensors.
  • Best of all, SimpliSafe is pet-friendly for pets of all sizes!

Sounds pretty great, right? But there is a catch: once you’ve ordered the system, you get to put the whole thing up yourself.

While it’s great to be independent, home security systems are complicated. You may find yourself confused about where the put each sensor, how to use the system, or even unsure about how many sensors to purchase. That’s where Mike’s Computer Repair comes in. What does computer repair have to do with home security? Well, nothing really. But we are committed to the safety of your home and family as well as your computers and devices. Mike, owner of Mike’s Computer Repair, uses the SimpliSafe system, and you can have the same thing in your home.

If you’re interested, call to set up a consultation. Mike will come out to your house, and advise you on how many sensors you need for your home. Then, when you’re ready, you order the complete system from When the package arrives, Mike will come out to install the whole system. Mike’s professional installation includes placing the sensors and accessories, programming the base station, configuring your SimpliSafe account, testing the system, and teaching you how to use it. Having security and peace of mind has never been easier!

Call today, and make your home feel safe again!

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