Mike’s Computer Repair Sandridge Rd shop is closed and is relocating to the strip mall by the Go-Carts in downtown Long Beach at 811 Pacific Ave S #9.

It’s “Plugged In Computer Repair” with a new owner (Marcus Cox). It has the same phone number 360-642-2125.

Dominic Vargas who worked for me since 2017 will be working there. It may take a week or more before it opens. The phone is forwarding to Dominic already.

I sold my house and my wife Cindy and I are moving on March 6 to Orlando Florida. I am keeping some OR / WA business customers to do remote support from FL. I will also do business IT work locally in FL. I’ve lived in OR / WA my whole life and Long Beach for over 25 years. Cindy is surviving a three year battle with stage 4 cancer, we are excited to celebrate her success with a new adventure in the sunshine state.

Thanks to all my friends and customers for the friendship and work over the last 25 years in Long Beach, it was my pleasure fixing your computers, you will be missed. – Mike Challis



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