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Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems and Professional Installation. $14.99 Monthly. No Wires, No Annual Contracts, Pet Friendly. 24/7 Monitoring. Police/Fire Dispatch. Save on your home owner’s insurance. Call Mike for a free consultation, or Refer-a-Friend.

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Mike’s Computer Repair now provides installation for SimpliSafe wireless alarm systems

SimpliSafe is a wireless home security system with built-in cellular technology to send your alarm signals to the 24/7 Live Monitoring center. No Phone line, No Contract, No Wires, No Internet connection needed.

Mike can help you pick out your new SimpliSafe Home Alarm System, and Mike can even install it.

Service areas include Long Beach Peninsula, Long Beach, Ocean Park, Ilwaco, Seaview, Chinook, Surfside, Oysterville, Klipsan Beach, Nahcotta, and Naselle, WA. Astoria, Warrenton, Gearhart, Seaside, Cannon Beach and Arch Cape, OR.

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Refer a friend to Mike’s Computer Repair for a new SimpliSafe Wireless Burglar Alarm System and receive a $25 gift certificate. See offer details.

Let Mike’s Computer Repair install your SimpliSafe Home Security System:

SimpliSafe has everything you need in a burglar alarm system: Mike will help you pick out your system.

  • keypads
  • entry door/window sensors
  • motion detectors
  • glass break detectors
  • panic buttons
  • keychain remotes
  • outdoor siren
  • smoke detectors
  • carbon monoxide sensors
  • water (flood) detectors
  • freeze sensors
  • video camera

You get to choose what your home needs when you order your system. SimpliSafe recommends one entry sensor for each ground-floor door and window, supplemented with glass-break and motion detectors in rooms where someone might gain unauthorized entry. You’re also not limited to one keypad – you can have as many as you need. One for the front door, one for the back door, and one for the garage – or what ever makes sense for your home.

The SimpliSafe Advantage

  • Lightning Fast Cellular Connection
  • Smash-Proof Protection
  • Best-in-Industry Professional Monitoring
  • Power Outage Protection
  • Save up to 20% on your Homeowners Insurance
  • No Annual Contracts
  • Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection
  • Wireless Sensors with Extreme Range
  • Portable—Take it With You When You Move
  • On-the Go Mobile Control*
  • Secret! Alerts (your eyes and ears at home)*
  • SMS Text & Email Alerts*
    * Interactive features available with upgraded $24.99 interactive alarm monitoring plan.

Keep your alarm system on, even when pets are around.

Most pets less than 30-50 pounds won’t be detected by the Motion Sensor. Simply place the sensor 5 feet off the ground (where your pets can’t fiddle with it), and your cats or small dogs can comfortably laze around your home without triggering an alarm. Is your pet larger than 50 pounds? SimpliSafe can handle that. With larger pets, you can still use a Motion Sensor with this special trick. Normally, the Motion Sensor looks straight out and down towards the ground. By turning the sensor upside down it will instead look straight ahead and up. This way, you can place the sensor high enough where your pet can’t trigger it, but low enough where a person would.

Safety when you are home:

Whether you’re sleeping or awake, having your system in the “home” mode will activate all Entry Sensors, protecting your windows and doors. Your Panic Buttons are always active.

Security when you’re away:

When you’re leaving your house, press “away” and leave your home with peace of mind. All your system sensors will be active—providing multiple layers of protection.

Take command of your alarm system right from your Smartphone:

  • Arm & Disarm instantly with the push of a button
  • Receive alerts when children arrive home from school – see when the alarm was armed & disarmed by your child’s personal PIN.
  • Monitor your home temperatures while on vacation to prevent frozen pipes and expensive damage
  • See the status of Burglar, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, and Flood alarms whenever you want

Free App available for iPhone and Android Smartphones only available with upgraded $24.99 interactive alarm monitoring plan.

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