Avast! Free Antivirus – How to Register/Re-register


Avast! Free Antivirus requires annual registration. Even the free version must be registered because Avast wants to be able to determine how many active users they have. This allows them to maintain enough update servers for all the users they have. There are two scenarios where Avast Free needs to be registered:
1) You have just installed Avast Free.
2) After 1 year you receive a message from Avast Free to re-register.

On-line registration is very simple and it’s the preferred method for all users of avast Free Antivirus 6.x installed on a computer with standard Internet connectivity. To perform on-line registration follow these steps:
Right-click the avast! system tray icon and select ‘Registration information’ from the menu,


…or double-click the avast! Free Antivirus desktop icon to open the avast! user interface, then in the left pane click the ‘MAINTENANCE’ tab and from the unfolded submenu select ‘Registration’.


The YOUR REGISTRATION screen will appear, where you should click ‘Register now’ to open the registration form.


In the meantime, a dialog box offering an upgrade to avast! Internet Security may popup. To continue using avast! Free Antivirus and open the registration form, just click the ‘Register’ button under displayed product comparison table.


Once the registration form appears, enter all the required data (marked with an asterisk *) into the text fields, and when it’s finished, click ‘Register for free license’ to submit your registration.


After your registration is complete, an information dialog box will be displayed. Just click ‘OK’.


Then your registration status will change to REGISTERED and the expiration date will be updated on the YOUR REGISTRATION screen.


avast! Free Antivirus 6.x can now continue to be used for 12 months and you will continue to receive automatic updates to both the program and your virus definitions. At the end of that time, it will be necessary simply to register for a new free license.


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